Upcoming Events

SUMP Learning Programme 2, Workshop 2

Prague, Czech Republic, 26 April 2018

Following their first workshop in Sofia, the second SLP group will reconvene in Prague to continue their learning on SUMP development. 

Alongside the workshop, the small- and medium-sized cities will again enjoy a site visit.

SUMPs-Up General Assembly

Birmingham, UK, 4-5 June 2018

All SUMPs-Up partner organisations and cities will gather in Birmingham, UK, this summer for the project's second General Assembly.

The two days provide a prime opportunity for all to catch up and share their experiences.

SUMP Learning Programme 2, Workshop 3

Birmingham, UK, 6 June 2018

The workshop in Birmingham marks the third and final time that the second SLP group will come together.

Whilst there, they will reflect on their cumulative learning over the three workshops and evalute how it will assist work in their local contexts. 

Birmingham, one of the SUMPs-Up city partners, will also prepare a site visit.

UK Mobility Practitioners Workshop

Birmingham, UK, 7 June 2018

The final day of SUMPs-Up's week in Birmingham will focus on UK practitioners, the particular challenges that they face, and explore the SUMP environment in the UK.

The second SLP group will also join to enrich their SUMP knowledge.