Upcoming Events

SLP 3 Kick-Off Workshop

Bucharest, Romania, 17 October 2018

The first of three workshops in the third SUMP Learning Programme (SLP) will take place in Bucharest, Romania.

A full day of SUMP learning activities awaits the 20 participants from the SLP 3 group. After a round of introductions, a keynote presentation on the challenges of reducing car traffic will set the scene for the rest of the day's activities.

Four of the cities taking part in the SLP - Loulé (Portugal), Cesis (Latvia), Granollers, (Spain), and Fabriano, (Italy) - will describe the varying SUMP situations that they find themselves in.

The insights gained from this will inform discussions in the subsequent workshop that will examine two key themes; how to develop and prioritise a list of SUMP measures; and how to develop a SUMP action plan.

To see the agenda, click here. For a full list of the SLP 3 group, click here

Autonomy 2018

Paris, France, 18-20 October 2018

At this flagship mobility event in Paris, innovators, cities and urbanites gather annually to build a new mobility landscape. The first two days are dedicated to professionals and institutions (B2B – B2G) and the third day is open to public (B2C).

SUMPs-Up will have a stand together with the Interreg REFORM project to show the importance of SUMPs to a broad audience, including industry, business, and politicians.

National Level SUMP Workshop: Romania

Bucharest, Romania, 18 October 2018

SUMPs-Up and its sister project, CIVITAS PROSPERITY, are hosting a joint workshop for national level actors in Romania to discuss the implementation of a national SUMP framework.

The workshop will set out the importance of creating a national SUMP support framework in driving SUMP take-up, disseminate guidance and support materials offered by European projects, and develop specific recommendations tailored to Romania's specific national profile and context.

Representatives from a variety of national ministries, the national associations of local authorities and other select mobility professionals will attend.

Read the event invitation and agenda in English here and Romanian here.

SUMPs-Up Romanian Mobility Practitioners Workshop

Bucharest, Romania, 19 October 2018

This CIVITAS SUMPs-Up workshop gives Romanian mobility practitioners the chance to discover essential information on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) from local and European experts. The topics chosen will be tailored to the national context.

Through a variety of interactive sessions and exercises and presentations, participants will discover more about different aspects of SUMP development and implementation and deepen your knowledge of the general SUMP approach.

In addition, participants will have numerous opportunities to network and exchange SUMP experiences with others.

To guarantee your place for the event, click here and fill in the form. Make sure to book soon, as space in the venue is limited to 25 people. To read the event agenda (in Romanian), click here

For more information, please contact Ana Drăguțescu, Project Coordinator of CIVITAS SUMPs-Up - ana.dragutescu@iclei.org or Elma Meskovic - elma.meskovic@iclei.org.

Polis Conference 2018

Manchester, United Kingdom, 22-23 November 2018

This year's edition of the Polis Conference has the theme of "Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions" and will take place on 22 and 23 November 2018.

It will be hosted by Polis president Manchester, and will take place in the Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium.

SUMPs-Up will present a session and host an exhibition stand at the event. For more details on the event, click here.