Upcoming Events

SLP2 - First Expert Group Workshop

Sofia, Bulgaria, 13 February 2017

The first workshop for the SLP 2 Expert Group is being held on 13 February in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia is also one of the project's partner cities.

Similarly to the SLP 1 workshops that took place in Thessaloniki and Brussels, small- and medium sized cities and those with little to no SUMP experience form the workshop's target group. The day will consist of a mixture of presentations, interactive group activities, and a site visit.

To see the towns and cities that form the Expert Group for SLP 2, click here.

Bulgarian Mobility Practitioners Workshop

Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 February 2017

This workshop for Bulgarian mobility practitioners is being held on 14 February in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

It will give locally based mobility experts and practitioners advice on SUMP development and implementation, as well as a chance to network and exchange their SUMP-related experiences.

More information will be available soon.

SUMP National Level Workshop

Sofia, Bulgaria, 15 February 2017

SUMPs-Up's first national level mobility workshop for 2018 is taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 15 February.

It will gather together representatives from Bulgarian ministries and agencies dealing with urban mobility to discuss SUMP development and implementation in the country.

SLP 1 - Final Expert Group Workshop

Tampere, Finland, 14 March 2017

The final workshop for the Expert Group from the first SUMP Learning Programme will take place on 14 March in Tampere, Finland.

As with previous workshops, the day will include group sessions and activities, a site visit, and presentations.

Tampere is one of the cities in the SLP Leadership Group. To see the full list, click here.