Cleaner and better transport in cities

With over 70% of EU citizens currently living in urban areas, urban mobility has a huge influence on the quality of life that they have. Yet traffic congestion, bad air quality, and inefficient transport systems continue to impact upon lives across the continent.

An approach is required that places citizens' needs first. By improving accessibility to, through and within urban areas and encouraging a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans do exactly this. Both cities and their inhabitants enjoy significant economic and environmental benefits.

As they integrate practices and policies from other sectors, SUMPs also help transport measures correspond with wider urban development plans. Transport then actively contributes to cities' efforts to become more sustainable and liveable. In doing so, SUMPs-Up fulfils its ultimate aim: to improve citizens' quality of life. 

Winner of SUMPs-Up photo contest to be revealed soon

The CIVITAS SUMPs-Up photo competition closed to entries on 19 March, 18.00 CET. A winner will now be chosen by the contest's judging panel and announced in the near future. The triumphant picture will star on the cover of the updated EU SUMP Guidelines. Best of luck and thank you to all of those who entered their photos!



Register for upcoming webinar - Measure selection for SUMPs

CIVITAS SUMPs-Up has opened registrations for the third webinar in its webinar series for mobility practitioners. Taking place on 20 March, 10:00-11:30 CET, it will focus on SUMP measure selection and measure packages. Tune in to hear Barna Ciprian from Oradea metropolitan area, Romania, discuss his experiences on this vital topic. 


  New policy recommendations to boost SUMP take-up in EU cities

A new series of policy recommendations have been launched that give officials working at the local, national, and European level suggestions on how to foster the take-up of SUMPs. Broken down into five separate areas, these recommendations draw on SUMPs-Up results and data, including the Europe-wide user needs analysis.  



Upcoming events




6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Groningen, The Netherlands




CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019, Graz, Austria