Funding opportunities

SUMPs-Up support for cities extends beyond learning activities and tools: the project also provides monetary assistance to cities in order to help them develop and implement their SUMPs.

There will be various funding calls throughout the project's duration. These will be targeted at a number of different groups, including planning authorities and urban mobility practitioners.

Innovation Pilot Pool

The Innovation Pilot Pool (IPP) will form a select group of transport and urban mobility planning practitioners who will develop innovative tools and services to help SUMP development in European cities.

The IPP will create a community of 100 transport professionals who, with SUMPs-Up funding and through participating in its learning activities – known as SUMP Learning Programmes (SLPs) – will test and apply SUMP approaches, tools and methodologies in transport planning practice in real situations at the local or regional levels and will provide comments and feedback on their experience to improve the tested tools and methodologies.

Most of the IPP participants selected via the first CIVITAS SUMPs-Up IPP call will join the Expert Group. All levels of experience were welcome to apply. This first cohort will take part in the first two SLPs, whose topics are:

  • Tools and services for initiating a SUMP (SLP 1);
  • Tools and services for initiating a SUMP - tailored to small- and medium-sized cities (SLP 2).

A smaller set of participants will join the Leadership Group. They will possess advanced SUMP knowledge - being in at least stage  2 of the SUMP planning cycle - and have experience in preparing and establishing one. The group will be involved in the learning activities for the whole of their two-year duration.

Future IPP funding calls

Despite the first already being closed, there are two more opportunities for cities who are interested to join the next IPP group. The next call will be in Spring 2018 and be for participation in SLP 3 and SLP 4. 


Questions and information:

Should you have any enquiries regarding a funding call, please contact