Cleaner and better transport in cities

With over 70% of EU citizens currently living in urban areas, urban mobility has a huge influence on the quality of life that they have. Yet traffic congestion, bad air quality, and inefficient transport systems continue to impact upon lives across the continent.

An approach is required that places citizens' needs first. By improving accessibility to, through and within urban areas and encouraging a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans do exactly this. Both cities and their inhabitants enjoy significant economic and environmental benefits.

As they integrate practices and policies from other sectors, SUMPs also help transport measures correspond with wider urban development plans. Transport then actively contributes to cities' efforts to become more sustainable and liveable. In doing so, SUMPs-Up fulfils its ultimate aim: to improve citizens' quality of life. 

Key SUMPs-Up publications are now available in five new languages

Four of SUMPs-Up’s most important publications for mobility practitioners are now available in other languages for the first time! Three manuals on SUMP measure selection and a report giving guidance on developing a SUMP action plan are available in French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.


New edition of EU SUMP Guidelines and series of related topic guides released

The new edition of the EU SUMP guidelines were unveiled at the CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz, Austria. The Guidelines were updated to reflect upon major trends in urban mobility, as well as on practical experience gathered by cities across Europe. A series of topic guides were released alongside them.



Register for three webinars for mobility practitioners on various SUMP topics

The first webinar will introduce the revised EU SUMP Guidelines, as well as two accompanying topic guides on e-mobility and SUMPs in metropolitan areas. The second will look at integrating SUMPs into urban planning, energy and climate strategies, and the third at financing and funding for sustainable urban mobility.


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Mobility Practitioner Webinar: Second Edition of the SUMP Guidelines

Mobility Practitioner Webinar: Integrating SUMPs into urban planning, energy and climate strategies

Mobility Practitioner Webinar: Financing and funding options for sustainable urban mobility